2015 Hair Colors

While clothing will have numerous influences in 2015, one should pay just as much attention to another important aspect when it comes to trends, and that is hair color. With marsala being officially named the color of 2015 you would imagine that a huge number of earthy toned reds will become the norm, however, things aren’t so simple.

Color wise, anything goes of course. If you’re look allows it you can go all out with pastel pink, blue and even green if that’s your thing, however, in a more professional environment this could possibly be frowned upon, and you might also want to avoid scaring the kids.


But it’s not one color that will define hair related trends in 2015 as the main influence that will be everywhere next year is the homage to the early ‘90s, were talking about highlights. Don’t think strong contrast or trashy blond on brown starting from the root; things have gotten a lot more subtle in the last couple of decades and the ‘90s influence is barely noticeable.

Women with dark hair will absolutely love next year’s new color patterns as these subtle highlights will allow them to show off a fuller, shinier and healthier look, without having to change too much in the natural color department.

Rich auburn colors, honey highlights as well as warm browns are the major colors you’ll probably be seeing around next year. Couple this strong base color with subtle highlights and you’ve got the look down. Burgundy is also a clear winner for women with a darker hair and complexion giving the look of fuller, richer hair as well as a thicker aspect if you are struggling with your thin locks.

Babylights, which is a different type of highlight that only covers a small portion of your hair giving the impression of a child playing in the shinning sun, are also very hip in 2015. You will particularly love them if you go from a light brown, sandy blond base color.

Bold colors are also a thing in 2015 with light, pastel shades of violet and purple playing an interesting role in the overall look. This can be a strong statement, one that might not go over too well if you’re going from a very traditional color but it’s definitely a hip choice. It works particularly well for women with darker complexions and dark or brown eyes, however, it’s in no way limited to that.