4 Glamour Fashion Watches

Are you looking for a bit of high end glamour on your wrist? Look no more because you definitely found the watches you want and deserve; here are some of the most spectaculars glamour watches that will come with decent prices.

The Montre Acier Silver Watch from Balenciaga is definitely the unique touch you deserved for your outfit. With its beautiful silver tone the watch comes in a water resistant mesh with quartz movement. It has a 35 mm band width with a buckle closure. You can get this Swiss watch for about 2000 dollars.

If you are looking for something simpler and more elegant that still looks glamour the Givenchy in Six Roll Calf Strap Watch is definitely your choice to go. You might not get it from stores though as it has probably been sold out in most of them but if you really want it you can definitely find some private sellers online. It was sold for about 900 dollars but nowadays you will probably get it for a lot more, at least a few thousand.

Swarovski Octea Sport Ceramic Watch

Another cool glamour watch is the beautiful Swarovski Octea Sport Ceramic Watch in a beautiful white color. The watch has about 40 mm diameter with a ceramic turn dial with stainless steel casing. It also has phosphorescent hands and the movement is Swiss made, bringing you quality and beautiful design in the same product. It features silicon straps with Baguette cut ceramic inserts and you can buy it for about 1200 dollars, if you still find it available.

Women’s Biarritz Watch in black by Lacoste is not that expensive as it costs about 355 dollars but it’s definitely a glamour watch. The great thing about it is the fact that it manages to be simple but still stand out somehow. It comes with a black silicone strap and a black 3 hand dial in a ceramic case that measures 38 mm. It has quartz movement, it’s water resistant for 3 ATM (99 ft), and has a 2 year warranty. This is probably the most affordable watch from all of the watches from the list and it’s also something that you can wear every day.