5 Jewelry Pieces You Must Have

Jewellery is often more important than other accessories because it doesn’t only make a woman feel pretty, but it also look incredibly well when matched right with a certain outfit. This is why in the 2015 summer and spring season people will be looking for more unique jewellery with elements that might seem unusual. Here are some of the best trends in 2015 when it comes to jewelry.

Sparkly Jewellery Elements

One of the biggest things this year is having glamorous pieces. This means that you will certainly love Swarovski Elements on your new jewellery. The bigger the better and the more spark they have, the trendier they are. Of course, they don’t have to be Swarovski elements as you can definitely get something with a shine like rubies, sapphires or even diamonds, as long as they sparkle enough, they are definitely trendy.

Big Jewellery

Big jewellery might have seemed kitsch in the past but they are definitely a thing now. The bulkier they are, the better. If you don’t feel like wearing big jewellery all the time, you can get a piece of jewellery that is bigger than average and wear only that item. This way, you won’t feel too extreme about your fashion choice.

big bracelet

Flowers and colors

A mix of flowers and colors seems to be on everything for next season. 2015 brings a lot of feminine accents both on fabrics and as accessories. All these work lovely with the bohemian and gypsy styles and can really pair up with a feminine makeup choice and some of the cool hairstyles that seem to be part of the new 2015 trend.

Unusual Materials

This is the year to experiment with everything you ever wanted. Want some really cool earrings, buy something crazy like minions earrings or checkers, it doesn’t matter as long as they have a cool design. Also, it seems that jewellery made with various and eclectic choices of materials are also in style. For example, a lot of jewellery artists nowadays use feathers, leather, or semiprecious stones to create really cool effects for their jewellery. You should definitely try some of these, for example, some art jewellery that is made with fabrics.

diamond earings

Intricate design

If you love interesting elements, you will absolutely adore the intricate design you will find next season. There is a lot of jewellery with baroque or art nouveau elements. These are a great way to make sure that you obtain a lovely feminine look.