Androgynous Look

The androgynous look will be extremely trendy this season but there are some aspects that you need to take into consideration when it comes to this look as you will need to follow the 2012 trends as well. Let’s see how you can easily obtain an effortless androgynous look with the following tips.

1 – Before going for this look you must make sure that your features allow it; it can be really hard to pull off the androgynous look if you have harsh features and you might not get the desired beautiful effect. However, if you already have very feminine features and you want to harshen them a bit, this look can be perfect for you.

2- Pants are probably the main feature of your androgynous outfit and you have to make sure that you buy the best pants in this direction. Straight pants are a great as they also give you a serious look. You should also make sure that you get them in a neutral color or black and white. These colors are some men would choose so obviously there won’t be any peach or pink involved when you are going for this look, unless you want to create some unique combination.

3- Makeup is also an essential part of this outfit and you should go for something bold or something very neutral. To create a bold look you will have to use tones that are a bit harsher like blacks and dark reds. You can also go for the very neutral or a “no makeup” makeup look which usually involves some foundation, mascara, a neutral eye shadow and some lip balm.

4 – Other elements that can be included in this androgynous look are cardigans or buttoned vests. You can add them according to the season. If it’s summer or spring, you can choose either a sleeveless shirt or one with short sleeves. If the weather permits you to wear something that will keep you warmer you can choose a pullover and a vest.

5- When it comes to haircuts, you don’t necessarily have to cut your hair short but you can always get a bob styled hair if you simply must have an androgynous haircut.

An androgynous look can be simple and quite efficient for office wear or other styles that need a serious outfit, but make sure that you accessorize it accordingly and you can actually pull it off with your body shape.