Cameo Necklace

Cameos are probably the most spectacular types of jewelry that you can wear. They have a beautiful vintage look and they are always created with beautiful materials around them. A genuine cameo is actually carved in a beautiful precious stone, semi-precious stone or even in a shell, the latter giving them a beautiful and elegant pearly look.

A cameo is widely used to name the type of jewelry that has the small sculpture on it, but it is actually a carving method. Nowadays, most of these small carvings are not carved anymore, but usually made with various molds, but in the 16-th and 17th century they were beautifully hand carved, which made each piece unique.  Some of the jewelers still use the old way, but usually that type of cameo is also very expensive. During history cameos were offered to various heads of states, kings and queens as a form of gratitude. They featured the important person’s bust or a beautifully carved image that was especially designed for them. There are some well-known cameos in the world such as: The Great Cameo of France or the Portland Vase.


Nowadays cameos can be featured on any type of material due to the technology and it’s obvious why they give such a unique touch to any outfit. Cameo necklaces are very fashionable nowadays and have been seen on many catwalks accompanying every day wear. Even if they were such elegant accessories, they seem to have been implemented in every day accessories and became available for the general population. Another interesting touch that modern society brought for cameos was the fact that it made them feature unique characters or scenes. For example, you can find a skeleton girl cameo or a skeleton head cameo, but you can also find a Disney character cameo or one that features an important pop culture figure. You can find such unique character cameos here if you want to give your outfit a really unique blend. Or you can even make your own necklace, there are many places where you can buy various cameos that you can combine with other accessories and wear around your neck.