Choosing the Right Umbrella

An umbrella might not look like an important accessory to many but it really should be as it makes things a lot easier when choosing your outfits, if it’s the right color and style. Before choosing an umbrella you need to know what type of clothing you wear more and also consider those seasons when it rains more.

The color of your umbrella is quite significant. If you are a guy, you wouldn’t want to be seen carrying around a pink umbrella or something similar, unless you really like that color. Also, you will need to make sure that the umbrella matches what you wear so it’s important to choose a neutral color. However, if you wear only black or only blue, try to choose something that goes well with the colors but not necessarily those colors because it might look a bit too much. People who only wear black might look a bit too gloomy if they also choose a black umbrella, but if that’s what you are going for in terms of look there’s nothing that should stop you in choosing it.

A lovely umbrella style for both sexes would be something with a really cool rectangular pattern, it looks great and it also has a hip feeling to it. Also, you can choose something with a funny message. There are many places where you can create your own custom made umbrella so don’t hesitate to go for that if there is something that you need to express on it.

The size and weight of your umbrella are also important, especially if you spend a lot of time walking. It might be tiring to carry around a really big umbrella but it’s also a bit weird to carry a small umbrella when your frame is not that small. So make sure that you choose the umbrella considering your height and also how difficult it is to carry it around because after a long walk in the rain your hand might hurt a little bit and that’s not a comfortable feeling you want to get, especially when you are constrained by the weather to constantly use an umbrella.