Classic Men Suites

When it comes to men suits, they can all seem very classical. Men formal wear is usually simple: a shirt, a jacket, elegant pants and some nice shoes. This year the suits have three important elements: broad shoulders, a slim waist, and slim trousers. It seems that the slim trousers trend is applicable to women too.

An important trend is the double breasted suit; this type of suit has two columns of buttons, the collar is very wide and it was a very fashionable piece of clothing in the 50’s and 80-90’s. A double breasted suit with broad shoulders is the perfect choice for this season and if you have one from the last time they were in fashion, make sure you take it to the tailor and give it a V shaped cut.
Best color choices are the classical ones and they will probably remain in trend for a very long time. The common colors are black, grey and navy blue.


When it comes to buttons you have a few models. There is the one button suit which was a trend but will probably go back in trend pretty soon. This type of suit is a great way to look shorter if you think you are too tall. This is definitely a no-no for short men and will make them look even shorter.

The two button suit is the classical choice and a perfect selection if you want something that will be in trend forever. This type of suit is good to have in your house for special occasions.

If you are planning a three button suit you should know that it makes you look taller. It can also seem uncomfortable with that amount of buttons, but if you like this style, you can go for it. On the other hand if you are planning to buy a suit with more buttons you should at least try and wait a while to see if it comes back in fashion. There’s no point in buying a suit that is not in trend or it’s not a classic choice.

When buying a suit you should always look for the right material, make sure it feels good and it’s made of a good and comfortable material. You should always choose a tailor and make the suit right for your figure if you don’t find one that fits exactly. Some shops offer adjusting to their costumer’s clothing so make sure you take advantage of that and make your suit look like it was made for you.