Clutch Purse

What’s the first accessory that comes to mind when you think of a cocktail or formal dress? If you thought about a clutch purse, you think like most of the population on this globe. The clutch purse is one of the most popular formal accessories. Its popularity is probably due to the fact that the bag is small and pretty but it has enough space to keep your essential items like your mobile phone, a mirror and a lipstick. Those who are not accustomed to wearing handbags will probably love a clutch purse. If a traditional purse is too big, you will probably find this bag extremely useful and comfortable.

A clutch purse is perfect for an evening out to a restaurant, prom, a party and even going out to a club. You don’t need to carry too much when you are having so much fun.

You can find wonderful clutch purses made by almost all famous brands: Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Prada, etc. They all have clutch purses that will definitely fit any taste. But there are some things you need to consider before buying your clutch purse.

If you plan on going to a special event, buy an expensive clutch bag. If it’s a prom, an office party, a conference or a wedding, you need to look your best. Don’t forget to pair it with a dress that looks absolutely amazing too. On the other hand, never go to a random neighborhood party with an extremely expensive clutch, it’s just bad taste. Super expensive bags and clothes that show you are trying too much are never right for such events when things need to be comfortable.

If you don’t afford to have a different clutch purse for every occasion, you should buy a clutch purse that fits all occasions. Make sure that it will fit the colors you usually wear and if you are not sure about those colors, you can just buy a neutral color purse. The design is also very important; try to avoid sparkly purses with weird patterns. Stick to the simpler ones, they will look good with anything you wear. As an example, the simplest option you have is to choose a black clutch purse with a simple pattern and a reasonable size.

A true fashion item and a great accessory, the clutch bag itself can transform your dull dress into something really amazing. Whether you are wearing it for your prom or you are trying to look good for a hot date, the clutch purse will surely improve your outfit.