Cool Jewelry and Blings For Your Phone

Whether they have a cheaper phone or the latest model of iPhone, teens nowadays seem to be following a cool trend that can be only described as adding jewelry to your mobile phone. It seems that there are a lot of brands out there that have been increasing this “pimp my phone” movement such as Dior, Bvlgari or Ralph Lauren. The trend may seem ridiculous for many, but we have to be honest and look at how beautiful some of these phones are as some of them are suited to be real works of art. Designers improvise with a lot of materials and often these phone embellishments can cost a fortune to make and much more to sell.


Dior comes with a big range of phone charms, some of them pretty unique in terms of design and style, so if you are a fan of the brand, you should definitely try to add it to your cool phone. Louis Vuitton also has its own case collection, a collection that comes with extremely high prices, but that surely doesn’t keep the fans from buying their products.

There are also other artists that create charms and jewelry for phones that come with really high prices and high quality materials, some of them are independent artists but most of them are famous brands.

Another way to add jewelry to your phone is by changing cases and there are a lot of designer cases out there, some of them even containing diamonds and crystals. Designers always want to make the most interesting styles or the most unconventional case by choosing exquisite materials. For example, there are many cases that feature colorful Swarovski crystals or precious metals like platinum or gold. Stuart Hughes, a designer, created one of the most expensive iPhone case, a case that features 22-carat gold and 500 diamonds. That is definitely a high end phone with a high end design, but a few can afford it. This seems to be a trend among designers as all compete to be the one who creates the most expensive iPhone case.

Improving the look of your phone should be one of your main priorities if you want to be completely accessorized and besides that you also have the option of adding jewelry for your other objects, such as charms for your handbags. Designers always look at all the options they have to improve an object’s look even if that means spending more money on the decoration than the object itself.