Eco-Friendly Accessories

Accessories are a great way to express yourself and being eco-friendly should be something that you need to let the world know so that you serve as an example for everybody.

Purses – you can make your own handbags and purses by using old clothes. If you have a sewing machine and a little talent you can make really interesting pieces. This way you won’t throw away clothes and use the material to create something wearable and sustainable. Also, you can choose other materials, more unconventional, like cans to make different types of accessories that can be applied to your handbags.

Jewelry – this is probably the most fun way to create something eco-friendly. You can easily make beautiful patterns and great jewelry by just adding cool materials. You can choose anything that can be recycled and you can also paint different things to make them wearable. Old jewelry that cannot be worn can also serve as a great enhancement for new jewelry. You might need a few tools to get all the pieces but those can be easily found in different shops that sell handmade supplies. And speaking of shops, there are also shops that sell recycled handmade supplies so there’s a way to find whatever you need and contribute to the well-being of the Earth.

Hats or shoes – if you are well versed in the art of handmade accessories you can even try making these more difficult accessories such as hats or shoes. Also, if you don’t want to help a consumerist society, you can try to repair the ones you already have, or enhance them in some way by adding different elements. Nobody will know that those are not new shoes, not to mention the fact that you can also save a lot of money that can be well spent for your personal development.

In the end, creating your own accessories is not just an eco-activity but also quite fun as you can discover new things about yourself and, who knows, maybe make a little profit out of this that can go to charities that involve your eco style.