Eco Friendly Clothings

There are so many advertisements, which call you to behave eco friendly. How you can select and maintain your clothes, thinking about the nature on the Earth and its inhabitants? There are some tips, which can help you to be more responsible for our present and future.

Buy organic clothes. You have noticed the label “organic cotton” on many pieces of clothing. Any time you can, chose organic instead of regular cotton. The regular one is modified and needs a lot of pesticides and fertilizers to grow. People, working in such fields become ill due to the chemicals. Organic cotton is more expensive, but it saves humans and the planet.

Don’t use dry cleaning. Always go for clothes that can be washed in a washing machine. It saves energy and water. Don’t buy clothes that need regular dry cleaning – this treatment uses a lot of dangerous chemicals. Washing by hand is also not eco-friendly, as you need lots of water, which is drinkable…


Think about second hand clothes. It doesn’t mean that you have to go in trapping. If you have a sister or friends, change your clothes between you. Thus every season you can have some new items without giving a penny.

Learn to wash and dry. The best is not to use detergents at all, but it is not possible. Therefore chose items, which can be used in cold water and are eco friendly. Use the washing machine when it is full – only in this case the water used by the washer is less than the water for hand washing. Forget about dryers – they just use energy for nothing and destroy the clothes in no time. If you will buy new washing machine invest money in eco models, which use less energy when working. Use the sun radiation to dry your laundry and don’t switch on heaters.

Donate your old clothes. This is very important when your clothes are eco friendly and quite new. For sure there will be persons that need more pieces of clothing and have no financial abilities to buy them. Look for places where you can donate your nice clothes, which you don’t use anymore.

Forget about sweatshops. If you think the clothes you like were made in sweatshops, don’t buy them. You would never like to work for no money, especially your children. Don’t support such legal sweating with your money!

The new materials. When buying clothes of new materials, keep your mind open. Bamboo fibers are quite new on the market, soft and cheep. But the bamboo forests take away the land from the real forests. Is it good for the whole environment on the Earth? Think twice.

The useless pieces. There are so many useless pieces of fabric at every home. Do you know how many efforts are needed to transform the raw fiber material into a fabric? Do like the designers: they are making clothes of different pieces. Remember the patchwork designs as well and create new nice things for your home, instead of throwing the clots out