Falabella Bag

A new version of the legendary Falabella signed by Stella McCartney, undisputed it-bag fashion house that has produced some of the most popular models of the past seasons. The British designer gained international recognition for her already classic line of leather accessories Falabella which is revised and enriched each season. New materials, new colors and new models appear, but its simplicity and iconic chain remain. With the new model of a wallet’s size and Tokyo blue denim color, the elegance is ensured as it has an especially designed chain. This new it-bag comes in the same artificial or ecological leather as Stella has a profound respect for nature and has never used real leather for her bags and accessories. The McCartney-style has become a true obsession with stars such as the daring and super-stylish Kate Winslet, who would not stop wearing the “sporty” we have all seen at the Venice Film Festival.


The female spirit is always looking for the timeless little black dress, the perfect man and the perfect bag. Ladies, look no further as if you still could not find the charming prince, it seems that the incarnation of your dreams’ bag was launched on the market. It has a symbolic name – the Pandora and it bears the Givenchy seal. The American actresses Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner and Hilary Duff, the English one – Kate Beckinsale have already been seen wearing the box shaped it-bag that comes in three different sizes and in black, purple, yellow and nude. Although the trends seem to prefer small bags, Givenchy comes with a big version, grandmother bag style that seems to have a lot of success. This is just another proof, in case you needed it, that classic models never go out of fashion.