Fashionable Hats

Since the Royal Wedding everybody has been crazy for hats and headwear. Nowadays, hats seem to have lost their visual purpose and they are mostly used for practical reasons during summer. Most people wear caps and elegant hats seem to be just a requisite for movies and, of course, royal weddings. However, you can accessorize you can improve your outfit by accessorizing it with a beautiful hat.

You should know that wearing a hat draws a lot of attention to yourself so make sure that you look your best that day. Also, read something about the etiquette of wearing a hat, there are some rules that need to be respected. For example, you should take off your hat when you are indoors because it is considered rude. So unless your hat is attached somehow to your head, you will have to obey this rule; after all, wearing a hat means that you are an elegant lady.

Make sure that the color of the hat complements your skin undertone. It’s the same thing that happens when choosing makeup: for warm undertones warm colored hats will look better and complement your skin and cold colors in your hat will complement your cold undertones.

Try to wear the proper hats for proper occasions; don’t make major mistakes like wearing a sports hat with a more elegant outfit or vice versa. Another important aspect is making sure that your hat fits you; you don’t want it to be too tight or fall on your face because it’s too loose.

The most important thing when wearing a hat is that it feels good and that it can adapt to modern times, even if it is a traditional model. Accessorize it with a brooch, a scarf and even fresh flowers and you will definitely turn some heads on the street.