Good Skin Is Always Fashionable

It’s always fashionable to look youthful and healthy, so regardless of how well you know the trends or the most obscure of designers, you should always combine great fashion with great make-up.

For a truly perfect make-up, one that will basically melt as many years off your face as you want to, you should definitely check out the following tips which come directly from some of the industry’s most renowned experts.


The first thing you should tackle when you want a fresher, more youthful look is dark shadows. The best way to tackle dark circles or other similar conditions which are caused by hollowness under the eyes is through injecting Belotero. Belotero is a hyaluronic acid filler which is used in the industry to add volume to sunken areas. The procedure last just a couple of minutes with results being nearly immediately noticeable. Microscopic beads of the same Belotero substance are injected in the lower eye leads in order to correct the same sunken look in what is considered to be one of the most innovative techniques to deal with this problem quickly and efficiently. Both procedures can last from anywhere between 6 to 18 months. If you want to maintain the look you should definitely look into purchasing products with caffeine or green tea in order to increase circulation in the area.

Dealing with bags and altogether puffiness is another key aspect to a youthful look. To do this you have to tackle the aging process of the eyelid muscles, which is the actual thing that actually leads to puffiness around your eyes, not any extra fat as most people think. There are two approaches when it comes to dealing with this problem. The first involves a plastic surgery procedure called blepharoplasty, which basically involves the tightening of the muscles and addition of fat which is taken from your hips and injected in the area to give a natural look. The other way to deal with this is through a serum called Neotensil which basically creates a tightening film over your muscles.

Another important thing to tackle is the tightening of any form of sagging skin. Forget about invasive plastic surgery as new procedures create visible results with no downtime or anesthesia required. Ultherapy involves ultrasound waves that promote collagen production, working particularly well for the brow area. For the skin around the eyelids you should try Thermage. This radio frequency based procedure boosts collagen production through specially directed heat.