Haute Couture Week

The Haute Couture Week has always been a major event in the fashion world. Collections and shows of the leading designers in the world are inspired by something insanely beautiful, made so as to impress, to tell stories. The small number of fashion houses, honored to produce collections “Haute couture”, creates much more than fashion. They make art – limited, veiled in many hours of manual work. Haute couture is fashion beyond the standard. All this is in Paris. Where else?


The week had charmed and disappointed simultaneously. On the one hand, some designers have remained true to himself and his own artistry. Others were back to the practice of presenting years ago and showed their collections only to their potential customers. A third group of designers confirmed their ideas, developed by several seasons now, and have created more practical clothes, perhaps due to the financial crisis…

Christian Dior. Inspired by the nature and beauty of the flowers, the collection was in strong colours and volumetric forms in the style of Dior. A lot of tulle, organza and elements of boucle were used to dress the models like real flowers with colored cellofane on their faces and big hair sculpting.

Givenchy. The collection of Ricardo Silence for Givenchy was one of the most expected. The show was perhaps the strongest performance in terms of the definition of couture. Inspired by Frida Kahlo and the death in general, the collection was an art in few colours: white, ecru, and gold. Only one model was in the dark chocolate palette. The basic accents were a lot of embroidery and lace with hours of manual work behind them, small skulls and zipper structures resembling bones. A true haute couture!

Chanel. Unlike his spring haute couture collection this season Lagerfeld directed the overall vision of his models to the more dark and saturated colors and classic Chanel cuts and details. Tweed, wool and leather, combined with silk, chiffon and lace, embroidered masterly – these words perfectly describe the collection. Very much natural beauty emanated from the models, and shoes, reminiscent of sculptures in bronze. Simply Chanel. Nothing else!

Jean-Paul Gaultier. Turbans, passing smoothly in haircuts, a lot of tulle and neon accents. This season the inspiration of Gauthier was not coming from foreign lands, but directly from Paris. The vision of the classic elegant Woman of Paris in the middle of last century – with a cigarette, turban, uncovered shoulders and thin waist, but with a modern look through a lot of leather, sheer fabrics, velvet, tulle and satin …
And pretty models with the slimmest waists.