How Nails Should Look in 2015

Fashion isn’t all about clothing and in 2015 you will have to be down with the coolest makeup tips and tricks if you want to be truly hip. So forget about conventional nail polish styles and check out the following list of amazing trends that will definitely bring you up to speed with what’s going to be in this year.

bordeaux nails

Bordeaux along with Muted Tones of Red

Red always has and shall always be a trendy color in one shape or another. In 2015, Bordeaux will be one of the best ways to show off your beautiful nails. This isn’t the only new trend however, as accents of blue, black and even gold are going to raise the bar and bring a deeper more complex layered effect which will work beautifully with just about any type of outfit, from the very conservative and elegant ones to casual outfits. Whether you choose a simple one color look or go for a shading effect you should check out Alexis Mabille, Costello Tagliapietra, Genny, Noon by Noor, Zac Posen and Zana Bayne.

Glittery along with Shimmery Nails

While the glittery look is definitely not something for everyday use due to the impractical nature of it,  2015 fashion trends suggest something different, taking glitter away from special occasions and making it a normal way of doing your nails for not-so-special occasions like going to work or a night on the town. The look will go perfectly during autumn as it will certainly bring a bit of life and light into the cold season.

Golden Accents

Golden accents are definitely in this winter and you shouldn’t waste any occasion to show your beautiful, elegant and luxurious new look. A monochrome gold is definitely recommended while the design and patterns can be as wild as you want them to be. This look goes great for special occasions and can work splendidly for elegant outfits. If you want to impress you can also get a French manicure while incorporating the strong monochrome gold look and get a real chic, cutting edge look for this winter’s best parties.

Nude Nails

Getting nude nails definitely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear any nail polish, however, it does mean that you can add tones like beige, any shade of peach, a soft pink or milky shades of white. Regarding textures, you can go with whatever you like most. Glittery looks are definitely hip this year, however if you want to keep it simple, clean and matte you can go right ahead.