Kei Kei Cool Watch

Everybody loves nature and nature is indeed amazing sometimes. Unfortunately, nowadays people don’t spend as much time in nature and forget about how beautiful it can be. But what about transferring nature’s wonders into technology?


This is what Ori Takemura thought about when he designed the Kei Kei Watch. This watch was inspired by fireflies and how they move. It functions with dots of light and gestures that you can create. Imagine that you could set your watch and your phone time with the help of fireflies. This is what the watch is about, bringing together nature’s basic elements and human’s basic gestures in a great interface. Since we are always surrounded by digital technology all the things that we face every day are digital. You can use Bluetooth sync control over cell phone, you can check out the weather and even receive notifications about your calls and messages. However, you will have to learn how the fireflies are moving and what they are doing in order to understand that. The swarm of fireflies on your watch will even move and dance when you are listening to music on your phone if you sync it to your watch. Just how nature, animals and insects can sometimes show us that atmosphere and weather will change, the phone will also indicate whether there is an approaching storm or other natural occurrences through the movement of the fireflies. The watch even updates regularly so that it can improve itself from the manufacturer over time.

So, with this watch time telling has come to a whole new level. Also, for those who appreciate minimal design in a unique setting this watch will be a beautiful gem they can wear on their wrist. Not to mention the fact that the watch is fun and cool to wear. It will also be noticed by everybody around you curious to know what is with the small dots of light that are moving on your wristwatch. Perhaps a difficult watch to read for some, the Ori Takemura Kei Kei watch surely brings us away from the classic ways of watch design.