Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has got so much attention lately it’s hard not to talk about her. She isn’t you innocent girl next door and she had many issues with the police. She was caught drinking and driving, using cocaine, and lately she was caught stealing from a store. She was a rebel child and a teenager.

She was  seen at the press conference for her movie Gotti: Three Generations and she was dressed terrible. Not only her whole outfit looked messed up but her makeup was not amazing either. She looked much older than she is and the makeup made her look tired.

People would expect Lindsay Lohan to look amazing for the press conference of this most expected movie but she failed with her fashion sense. She seems she forgot her bra at home and the pants are not complementing her figure either. The colors and patterns cannot be combined and the whole outfit looks like a mess. The toenails have a different color than her hand nails and she actually looks 10 years older with that beige shirt and the leather blazer.

Her accessories are also terrible and she seems to have combined silver with gold but also a large bracelet with a very simple and gold chain and pendant on her neck.  I don’t know what Lindsay Lohan had in mind when she opted for this outfit; actually, everything looks like she had no to plan an outfit or think about the right elements of her look.