Little Black Dress

When Chanel invented the little black dress in 1920, she created a revolution in the fashion industry. Sure, the dress got a bit modified since then. Nowadays a little black dress is much shorter and it usually shows more cleavage than the original one, but the idea is kept. The little black dress is that fashion item no woman should live without. Actually, many fashion gurus stated the fact that this item is one of the most popular items and it has become a fashion icon itself. The little black dress is not just a dress it’s “that” type of dress because it managed to remain popular for more than 90 years.

If you are planning to buy a little black dress make sure that it’s not part of any visible trend. It needs to be as simple as it can, not too short or too long and with straight lines. This way you will make sure that the dress you wear is timeless and it works well with any accessory.


The little black dress can be very versatile. There are at least three ways you can wear it: you can wear it alone paired with some elegant shoes and a clutch handbag, you can also wear it with a jacket on top if you plan on looking more business like, and you can even wear it over a pair of jeans and even with a leather jacket and some boots if you want a really cool casual look.


What’s great about the little black dress is also the fact that it is, well, black. Although black was considered indecent to wear if a person was not mourning, the dress created by Chanel gained a lot of popularity pretty fast. This is mostly because it was more of a fashion statement back then. Women were using it to show their independence. Another reason why it became so popular was the fact that it looked good on everybody. Because it is so simple and it has a dark color, it works well with slim and curvy women. Also, stars like Audrey Hepburn, Edith Piaf and even cartoon characters like Betty Boop, they all managed to increase the little black dress popularity.


Next time when you are not sure what to wear at a dinner party or a formal event, think about the little black dress. Pair it with Chanel no. 5 perfume and a lovely diamond necklace and you will be beyond exquisite.