Louis Vuitton of Today

As any big company, Louis Vuitton pays a lot of attention to their marketing and to the way people see the brand. Knowing what people associate your brand with is very important for such an exclusive name like Louis Vuitton and recently, there have been some changes in the way they get their image across. It used to be by carefully choosing models and celebrities to show off their products but now, we got to see the first commercial ever for this brand which was translated into 13 languages. It is a bold move to enter the world of television after such a long time and with such a huge heritage of exclusivity behind it. The ad was beautifully directed and it managed to catch a small glimpse of what Louis Vuitton bags are about because at the end of the day, they aren’t just handbags but a piece of the person buying them. The theme, “Where will life take you?” had quite a lot of success and it would appear the Louis Vuitton made a bold but good step forward.

Today, the way luggage is made remains the same, everything is made by hand and the same materials are used to make sure that the final product offers the same unique feeling every time. Every item has the LV initials and the pattern is one of the most famous looks in the fashion world right now and can be found in different colors and styles.

Louis Vuitton bags today are probably the best choice and not just because of the quality of the materials used and the flawless build but mostly because of the image they have in the fashion industry. An image that took a very long time to make perfect and that requires huge investments on their part in various fashion shows and events. The handbags can range quite a lot and there are more than enough to choose from.

All in all, the Louis Vuitton bags of today haven’t changed all that much despite the new marketing strategy. They are designed for the elite but it seems that they are starting to become more accessible to more people without having to sacrifice the exclusive image the brand has. Adding a bit of style to any wardrobe can be very easy and you can also express yourself with one of the many Louis Vuitton bags that can be found in stores and also online.