Louis Vuitton

Staying in fashion is not always as easy as it may seem from the outside. There are certain items that can make or break an outfit and when it comes to women’s fashion, one of the most important things is the handbag. This has to go perfectly with the outfit and it also has to be worn accordingly because not anyone can pull off a certain handbag.

When it comes to famous brands, there are quite a few that stand out but one that leaves them in the dust, Luis Vuitton. This French fashion house has impressed every fashion season with bold designs ever since 1854 when it was founded. The famous LV logo is instantly recognized by anyone that knows a thing about fashion.


The brand manufactures different sized accessories from wallets to luggage which are still handmade with a traditional use of materials that give them a certain look and feel. The famous Monogram Canvas model from Louis Vuitton is such a big fashion statement that you simply can’t go wrong with it by your side. Just a look is enough for it to make you fall in love with it and there are plenty of reasons for this.

The main thing is that it looks absolutely perfect and very clean. It is not over crowded as we seen other handbags in the past but it also isn’t plain, not even close. What it is, is a real masterpiece handbag from Luis Vuitton and we can tell this from the well known pattern. The Artsy MM in particular is quite the looker but it is also very practical. The size and the big opening in the back makes it perfect if you actually plan on using your handbag and not just have it as a fashion accessory. The golden hardware is there to actually make the faded golden symbols stand out and this handcrafted handbag is a true representative of style. Even the small golden pendant on the side is perfect and there is absolutely no angle from which this handbag looks anything less.