maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are with length around the ankles. They can be with straight cut or flared, with several layers or slashes. The maxi dresses are very appropriate for summer walks, shopping and parties, not only near the sea cost, but in the mountains or big cities as well. Certainly, being so special, the maxi dresses require special attention as it concerns the accessories that go well with them. Let’s count them together.


The appropriate shoes for maxi dresses on the street are sandals or open type sport shoes. Slippers with or without hills are also a good combination for casual vision. Summer boots of lace, ordinary leather boots or even army boots stand well if combined with the overall vision and the maxi dress appearance. Ladies with a short stature may add centimeters by using hills, but they should be careful not to overcome 6-7 cm hills, otherwise the impression is opposite. Shoes with platforms must be avoided with maxi dresses not only because of the vision, but also because of the danger when walking.

Belts go very well with long skirts and dresses. They are the perfect accent of the waistline. Even the most “invisible” clothing may be converted in something special with the appropriate belt. In case of a romantic maxi dress a scarf can be used instead of a belt. Designers like Vivienne Westwood suggest ribbons to be used under the bust line.


The hat and sunglasses fit well with the summer look. A casual maxi dress, combined with sunglasses and a hat with a huge brim brings the sense for holidays even in the crowded city. However, this styling is especially appropriate for walks near the beach or in the countryside. The frame of the sunglasses can be in shining, bold colors, so as to add joy to the total vision.

Another interesting accessory for a maxi dress is the scarf. A scarf of a hand painted silk or chiffon scarf is a perfect combination for a monochrome dress. It can be worn as a train, which can refresh the evening outfit, especially in the case of a maxi dress in dark colours.

Jewelry is very important during summer, as it is the most “visible” period in the year for the small accents. Long dresses allow a lot of types of necklaces to be used: big, small, of one or several rows, etc. They must be combined not only with the cut of the dress, but also with the figure of the woman. Bracelets in different materials are also very appropriate.