Men’s Watches Worn by Women

For the fashion-conscious woman, there is a new trend around that is rapidly gaining popularity and this is wearing men’s watches. Feminine and petite timepieces aren’t hot anymore. As men’s watches are getting larger and more interesting by the minute, women are turning their back to the classic lady-like designs in favor of oversized manly models.

Celebrities are one of the main reasons why large watches are now stylishly adorning the wrists of so many women around the world. Jemima Khan, Victoria Beckham, Trinny Woodhall, Kate Moss and Charlise Theron are only a few of the Hollywood female stars that have been spotted wearing big men’s watches. The fashion industry has been changed by this sudden preference for bulky and chunky timepieces and now every designer is concentrating his attention on creating manly looking watches with a feminine touch. As women are more drawn to this new trend, we notice an increasing interest for understanding and buying replica watches with complicated functions.

Panerai is one of the brands that do not manufacture watches for ladies. Still, recently, the company has declared that 10-15% of its UK base is represented by women. Nowadays, women do not want to wear a small timepiece with diamonds, bright colors and a quartz movement. They want beautiful watches with a modern vibe that have also impressive functional qualities. Below we present just a few men’s replica watches that can be worn by women as well:

Rolex Day-Date

Day Date

The Rolex Day-Date is an all times classic. Also known as the President’s Watch, this iconic design is simply fascinating, both for men and women. A symbol of style, wealth and influence, everyone wants to wear one. No wonder, so many female celebrities have been spotted wearing the Rolex Day-Date gold version with their casual or formal attires.

Rolex Daytona


Celebrities such as Elle McPherson, Charlize Theron and Victoria Beckham are just a few of the promoters of the Rolex Daytona among ladies. These stars have been seen countless times wearing a beautiful gold or silver Rolex Daytona with a chic and sophisticated outfit. The secret of the Daytona replica watch is that it comes in a 40 mm case diameter which is the perfect size for a women’s wrist, plus it has that complex 3 chronographs that get your full attention right from the first moment.

Panerai Radiomir


Even though it has a considerably large face and a bulky look, the Panerai Radiomir  watch is one of the finest options for women. Its oversized dial is beautifully balanced by the comfort of the leather strap. The main asset of this model is its functionality- it has features such as the date window, day and night indicator and a 10 days power reserve. Stana Katic and Heidi Klum are just a few of the celebs who love this style.

IWC Portofino Mid-Size


The IWC Portofino watch is a very popular design among women from around the globe. The special appeal of this timepiece consists of its traditional lines, delicate shapes and simple dial. The diameter is 40 mm and it looks perfect on any women’s wrist and the leather strap feels very comfortable and light. Kate Blanchet and Adriana Lima are just a few of the fabulous ladies who are wearing this watch with a chic and sophisticated dress or formal attire and look amazing.