Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is known to be the most natural make-up that you can apply on your face. This type of makeup has been used by Egyptians, but not necessarily for aesthetic purposes.  People where using eyeliner (kohl) to protect their eyes from sunlight and cover the sensible areas around the eye.

Mineral makeup has the purpose of making you look beautiful; it will also improve the health of your skin because it uses natural minerals instead of chemicals as makeup companies usually use.


The benefits of mineral makeup are:

  • this type of makeup can only be powder, which makes your skin uniform and perfect looking;;
  • You don’t need a big quantity of makeup to cover your face and it will also look more natural. If you use the right technique, the makeup will last a very long time.
  • It doesn’t contain oils that might harm your skin; it cleans your pores and heals your acne.
  • It’s perfect for any type of skin and it contains ingredients that will nourish your skin;
  • The secret of this makeup is the fact that it doesn’t use pigments to color the powder, but iron oxides
  • It has a natural SPF that will protect your skin against free radicals and it gives a beautiful shine to your skin regardless the season.

The look should be natural and nude, mineral makeup is the perfect method to make sure that you are in trend. For the perfect flawless skin you should use a primer, concealed and a mineral foundation. The great thing about mineral foundation is the fact that it doesn’t feel like a mask on your face. It will also look very smooth, natural and people won’t notice that you are wearing any makeup at all.

A minimalist look or a natural healthy face is preferable for your everyday activities rather than applying a lot of makeup and looking older or even tired. For your lips you can use a lip balm which gives your lips a natural color, a great feel, and a beautiful fragrance. Makeup was never this easy and beautiful and mineral makeup sure does the trick when it comes to the “natural nonmakeup” makeup, that type of makeup which shouldn’t look like you stressed too much for it but makes your face look flawless.