Nail Art Trends

They say that hands are the most representative parts of a woman’s body and it should be so. If you take care of your hand, you will make a great impression. If you also want to be in trend you should continue reading. Here are some of the most representative nail trends.

Nail Art – Everybody is into nail art nowadays and it sure is the greatest way to express yourself through your hands. Since the trends this year show a lot of elements from punk and romantic looks, you should definitely concentrate on that. An example of romantic nails would be ones with flowers and shades of pink. You could also add some glitter or shiny stones to make them stand out even more. If you want a punk look for your hands you should use khaki, brown, black and dark blue nail polish. The key here is to experiment; you can combine colors and create interesting patterns with a little imagination.


Nude colors – This year nude colors are a must for those who want something simple. Refreshing tones are the trend this spring and summer. If you want to look feminine this is the trend you need to wear. Another hot color this summer is the light pale blue. This is definitely a wearable color to cool you in those summer days and you can combine it with different looks. You can also start looking for a nice peachy color, it will definitely be in trend in a few months.

Metallic colors – for a night out or for a dramatic look you need to have metallic blue, green or grey nails. Glitter is also a nice addition to your nails if you want them to stand out more. Golden and light metallic blue are also great additions. If you don’t want to exaggerate you should use a light color or a pearly white but remember that they should have a metallic touch to them.

Matte grey tones – colors like beige, light brown, grey or dirty white are great for this season’s look but make sure they are matte. There’s nothing trendier than matte perfect colored nails.

Whatever color you choose make sure that your nails are clean and well maintained. If your nails are not in their best shape it doesn’t matter what you wear, it will always look bad. Make sure that you take care of them once a week and for long lasting nails be sure that you have a good balanced diet.