Oxford Shoes

Let’s be honest what woman doesn’t search for that perfect shoe? And who doesn’t want many pairs? Shoes have been considered a fashion accessory, although there are a few people that do not necessarily think they are.

If you are like most women when you think of shoes; you think that you can never have enough, it is the same way with purses and when the love for both turn into an obsession watch out, nothing comes between a woman and her shoes.


There are so many styles of shoes out there sometimes it just makes your head swim; there are tennis shoes, high heels, boots, clogs, and sandals just to name a few. And there are women out there that have so many pairs of shoes that they need their own zip code.

And designers are now more aware about shoe love; so they have jumped on the band wagon and started designing shoes, it is designing come full circle.

The latest style of shoes that are the hottest trends right now are the shoes that a lot of us wore growing up; and that shoe is the oxford also known as saddle shoes in olden times. It is not your mother’s shoe anymore, things have changed.

Today’s Oxford shoe is a nice change from the same old , same old; although they are not considered glamorous or high fashion they are still a must have shoe for your wardrobe.  You can pair them with a pair of cutoff jeans or a nice pair of jeans and a boyfriend shirt; or pair them with a tunic dress and a pair of opaque knee hi’s.

So if you want a casual look for day of shopping or a weekend getaway, you need a pair of Oxfords.