Stylish Tie

If you are a man and you don’t own a tie, you should buy one as fast as you can. You will probably have plenty of occasions to wear a tie during your life and you should buy one that it’s appropriate. The tie is probably one of the most known fashion items worn by men and it seems to be gaining quite some popularity among women too.

When you are trying on a tie, you should bring your shirt with you. It is important to see if the collar is good enough for your tie and if the tie matches the outfit and the color of your shirt.


A lot of men don’t check the quality of their tie and end up having a messed up tie because it was something wrong with it from the beginning. The tie is very delicate, especially if it is made of silk so make sure that there are no loose threads or cuts in it.

Another important factor when buying a tie is to make sure that the tie fits your height. To do that, you only need to remember to keep your tie longer if you are a tall person and keep it shorter if you are short. This way it will look natural and it will suit your body.

Never make the mistake of buying your tie in the last minute before an occasion. This is a big mistake men do and it’s not practical at all. Some stores offer adjustments for the ties and you can ask for that in time if you buy your tie in time too.

When it comes to colors, neutrals are the best. Don’t overdo things and choose bright colors or weird patterns, nobody wants to see that.

Now all you need to do is buy yourself that classic tie and learn how to make a knot.