The Hottest Colors in 2015

Colors in 2014 have been the main subject of discussion and until we know the color of this year, we can only watch the catwalk and see what the trends are for this year. The way we dress shows a lot about ourselves and can even alter our mood. Since colors are so important, let’s see what the major trends have to say about what is in next year and what is going to be out.

Obviously, the color of 2014, Radiant Orchid, is going to be out and all the neon style colors with it. Some of the colors we will see are mixed and matched in a versatile manner, as we will experience a lot of trends that seem to be more artsy than we are accustomed with. For example, the feminine brush strokes and beautiful combinations of pastels are what you will notice on the summer and spring dresses for 2015. Another way of showing a lot of color is through makeup and accessories. However, everything needs to be in perfect harmony, and powerful colors will only be blended with neutrals so that nothing is too kitschy. You can also choose darker colors with the neutrals to transform any outfit into something magical. Make sure that you use contrasts and greys for a complete look.


Pastels are great to add to a modern outfit, an example would be a frosty pink with an airy blue. Besides this you can choose a matte lime and even vintage touches for a feminine look.  Colors like magenta or grape are great elements to choose from when you want to accessorize and stand out.

Comfortable and earthier tones are also a must this season. Try a dusty aqua nail polish or a pea green and you will certainly stand out with your unique style. Neutral tones such as brown, mocha or even peach and beige are great for accessories and as a main color for your outfit. You will love these as they are calm and suggest self-confidence. They are great for those who want to stand out in a classy way.

In the end don’t forget the classic Mulberry red or violets which can become the center piece in an outfit and really show off what a sophisticated fashion lover you are. They can be part of intricate materials such as lace or satin but also more lustrous fabrics such as nylon.