Watches – Trendy or Classy Approach

Buying women’s watches has always been a challenge for most of us, whether we are women buying watches for us or men trying to buy watches for their close female friends or significant other. However, when buying a watch regardless of the person who is going to wear it, there always is the question of whether you should get something that respects the current fashion trends or you should get something classy and timeless.


Getting a trendy watch is a great solution if you are planning to buy it for someone who is very into trends. Also, you will always make the right decision if you get the trendy model to younger women because most of them would love to have something trendy on their wrist. The good thing about trendy models is the fact that they are usually cheaper, especially when we’re talking about low end watches or fashion watches. They come and go as fast as trends do so they need to be sold quickly. However, trendy watches don’t usually have a good mechanism or at least the designer doesn’t focus on that part but rather on the design part and making it look good.

Buying a classy watch will provide the person you buy it for a timeless accessory. They can easily wear the watch with anything they want and combine it with most of the clothes they own, especially more elegant clothes. A classy watch is usually a bit more pretentious when it comes to combining it with various types of clothing and you usually can’t combine it with casual clothes. The good thing about a classy watch is the fact that no matter what the trends are you can still wear it, unlike a trendy watch that cannot be worn after the trends have gone.   Classy watches may also cost more as they need to be more durable and they are usually done by companies that have been in the business for generations. They usually focus more on the mechanism and choose to create a simple design for their watches so that they fit their customers’ taste.